[Video] Der8auer’s Titan X Pascal Project: Part II – Water Cooler Power & Target Mod

Named The Titan X Project, German overclocker der8auer has put together a series of videos that explore pretty much every aspect of the Nvidia's top Pascal offering from a strictly overclocking perspective. The end game involves performance testing to see how multi-GPU configurations scale, but before we get to that, check out Part II which is all about prepping the card to unlock its power target and get it ready for integration within custom water cooling system.

The first video gave us an overview of the card regarding its general design plus some elementary power and fan speed tweaking to establish the card’s performance delta. In part two Roman shows us in step-by-step fashion how to carefully remove the cooler and prepare the card for mounting an EK-FC water cooler. He also shows how to unlock the card’s power target, using liquid metal on specific resistors on the PCB.

As always Roman does a fantastic job of presenting lots deal of technical information. The video will be of interest to anyone keen to see exactly how an Elite overclocker approaches modding a $1,200 USD card. You can check out the video here on the der8auer YouTube channel.

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