Intel Demo Extreme Overclocking at Broadwell E Launch in Taipei, Taiwan

As many of you may recall HWBOT was pretty much at the center Intel's Broadwell E launch back in June, officially unveiling the new High-End-Desktop platform at the HWBOT World Tour event at Computex 2016 here in Taipei, Taiwan. The company was even kind enough to supply enough Core i7 6950X chips to keep the LN2 flowing for the remainder of the week. Although the launch was actually in Taiwan, it was not the local Intel PR group that organized it, in fact Broadwell-E got officially launched in Taiwan just a few weeks ago at a press event, and the good news is, they actually demoed some genuine extreme sub-zero overclocking.

The press event was held in Nangang, here in Taipei where they showed off a bunch of their latest technologies, the highlight of which was the new Core i7 HEDT series. They also showed off a 360 degree panoramic camera, the latest take on Virtual Reality as well as Gaming Area where media could get hands on with the latest Intel Core-powered systems. The interesting thing of course from our perspective is that they also showed some proper extreme overclocking in what they describe as the ‘Overclocking Experience Zone’.

An Intel in-house Overclocker, known only to us Edward, had a table setup where he showed off the full potential performance of the latest i7 6950X processor. He used LN2 to push the chip to a pretty tasty 5.38GHz, showing off the real performance gains by running Cinebench R15 for the delight of the onlooking crowd. An attractive young presenter also got in on the act, helping out with some LN2 pouring. Nice to see Intel Taiwan is as enthusiastic about overclocking as their counterparts in the US.

Source: PC

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