Throwback Thursday: Dfordog (China) Hits 7,136MHz, New Haswell Top Frequency, Earns $1,000

It’s that time of the week again when we look behind us to a point in time when an event of some significance occurred on HWBOT. This week we look back to a day back in September 2013 when chips based on Intel’s Haswell architecture were all the rage.

Back in July of 2013 ASRock kicked off an OC tournament known as the 'ASRock 8 Series OC Competition' which offered some pretty impressive and tempting prizes. One overclocker that took part in the contest was China’s Dfordog who eventually came seventh in the contest, but managed to win Stage 1 which was all about CPU frequency. Dfordog managed a frequency on his Core i7 4700K of 7,136MHz, a new record frequency for a Haswell architecture chip - a score that earned him a sweet $1,000 US in cash.

Here’s what HWBOT wrote back on September 9th, 2016.

“In cooperation with ASRock, HWBOT hosted the "ASRock 8 Series OC Competition.” The overclocking competition started on July 22 and ended on September 2. Participants from around the world competed in three different events: CPU-Z, Super Pi 32M and memory overclocking.”

“Next to a bi-weekly prize for each of the events, and of course prizes for the overall event winners, ASRock provided a World Record bonus prize of USD $1000. DFORDOG from China took the bonus in the CPU-Z CPU Frequency stage by hitting a new Haswell top frequency of 7136 MHz. He used a Core i7 4770K, with all but one core disabled, liquid nitrogen, and an ASRock Z87 OC Formula motherboard. Congratulations!”

Of course records do tend to tumble over time and indeed Dfordog improved his own highest frequency score to 7,145.58MHz, a score which remains fourth overall in the Core i7 4770K rankings. The current leader however is Hong Kong overclocker Chi-Kui Lam who managed to hit a whopping 7,193.81MHz.

Catch the original post on HWBOT from September 2013 here. . Plus all the Core i7 4700K frequency rankings here.

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