OC of the day: Hiwa's 3Dmark 2006 score.

OC of the day goes to Hiwa's 3Dmark 2006 score: 41977 marks with 2x Radeon HD 5870 at 1020/1270MHz, good for a world record with 2 GPU cores!

Dual Gpu WR ... 2 X Sapphire HD5870, Evga E762,Gskill PS 2000 cl7, Antec TPQ 1200 OC screenshot


3Dmark 2006 2x GPU rank: 1st out of thousands, good for 127.2 points.
3Dmark 2006 2x Radeon HD 5870 rank: 1st out of 84, good for 16.4 points.


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