Phobos OC Musings: Testing and Comparing DDR4 ICs

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We’ve seen a few really articles emerge recently about the darker arts of overclocking memory, a rabbit warren of esoteric knowledge that can be a little intimidating for many less experienced overclockers. Today, we’d like to bring your attention to another article, this time from Polish No.2 Phobosq, also known in his other life as Szymon Wójcik.

The article centers on testing the comparative overclocking performance of different DDR4 ICs or chips. His testing and analysis compares the overclocking performance of Samsung B-die ICs, Samsung E-die ICs and Hynix MFR ICs using DIMMs from vendors G.SKILL and HyperX. Benchmarks used include Super 32M, XTU, Geekbench 3 and AIDA. In his own words:

“Earlier this year I researched information for an article which will be published on anytime soon. The article is going to cover comparison of performance of DDR4 modules in synthetic benchmarks and their overclockability. For that purpose, I will use following benches in their default settings as per HWBOT rules”

The article begins with testing at relatively safe voltages of between 1.4-1.45V and shows just how loose XMP timings can be. In a follow up article he will raise the voltages closer to the ma – we look forward to your findings.

If you are less experienced with memory overclocking, you will probably find this article from Phobos Musings a very instructive and interesting read. Enjoy.

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