[HWBOT X] Calling all Indian Overclockers –ASUS India Tour Hits Delhi in 3 Days

If you are an overclocker living in the Delhi region of India, you have three days to prepare for the ASUS Overclocking India Tour, which arrives on your doorstep in just three days time. The event is listed on the HWBOT X site, a site dedicated to promoting, compiling and on occasion assisting overclockers in putting together overclocking events. The HWBOT X website is place where you can find out what OC events are happening in your part of the world, as well as a place where you can promote your own OC event.

The next listing on the HWBOT X event section is the second part of the ASUS India OC Tour. The tour is an attempt to spread the word of overclocking across the suc-continent of India, a country with a massive potential for growth when it comes to overclocking. The first event was back in February when the ASUS Overclocking Tour hit Kolkata, this was followed up by a visit to Bangalore in July of this year. In three day’s time the tour will reach enthusiasts and overclockers in Delhi. Later his year we will also see an event in Mumbai.

Each stop of the tour involves three elements; an OC workshop were newbies can get a chance to learn the basics as well an sub-zero LN2 cooled demo, an Overclocking contest were overclockers compete for prizes, followed by an ASUS presentation where they get to taste the latest technologies and products from the Taiwanese tech giants.

It’s great to see that the word of Overclocking is spreading throughout India, a country with so much potential. To learn more about the ASUS Overclocking Tour India event, check out the listing on the HWBOT X site here.