Know Your PWM Fans – Twenty Four 120mm Case Fans Tested

When it comes to getting good airflow in your system, cooling fans are almost always a must and can actually be found doing a job on a heatsink, as a straight forward case fan or in conjunction with the radiator of an All-in-One cooler. But in truth there are a lot of options on the market with several vendors offering PWM fans of various designs, speeds, colors making an informed purchasing decision pretty tough going.

The good news however is that Ed Hume from has attempted to sort out the best from the rest with a comprehensive look at twenty four 120mm fans from vendors such as Arctic, Cooler Master, Noctua, Enermax and more. The article goes into plenty of detail, outlining the different bearings types that are generally used today. There’s also tons of information about specifications such how much gets moved in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) and decibel levels. All followed by pretty in depth comparison of performance.

“PWM fans are used for lots of things now. A PWM fan can be used as a case fan, as a heatsink fan, or as a rad fan. AIO coolers simply expand the playing field for PWM fans. So I have collected twenty-four fans here for review in our 2016 case fan roundup. The fans will be introduced, first, individually with descriptions and pictures. Next we see their specifications as a group. Then we shall look at their actual performance by comparing them with each other. So let’s get started.”

Check out the full review article here on You might be surprised which vendor wins.

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