[Video] Open Benchtable Laser Engraving

The Open Benchtable website just added a blog post that showcases a behind the scenes video of a benchtable in the factory being laser engraved. It’s a pretty cool video that shows the actual process involved with adding the product’s logo and signature serial numbers. It’s also good news to hear that the first batch of ‘Community Edition’ benchtables are in the final stages of production. Here’s a quote from the OBT blog post:

“Here’s an update regarding the first batch of Open Benchtables. We are pleased to tell you that the initial batch are now produced and undergoing the final steps of the production process. Initial orders will be shipped out later this week.”

“Just to give you some insight into the production process (and a little tease) here’s a video of the final process that the benchtable undergoes – laser engraving. It’s at this point that the unique serial number is added as well as the OBT logo. All that remains after the engraving is a final quality check and packaging. Check out the video which gives you a close up view of the engraving process.”

Check out the blog post for yourself plus the video, here on the OBT website.

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