MSI Officially Announce 30th Anniversary Edition GTX 1080 Card

Today (in fact just mere moments ago) MSI officially took the veil of its latest version of the Pascal-based Nvidia GTX 1080 card – welcome to the GTX 1080 30th Anniversary Edition. The new card packs several features including a custom waterblock, closed loop AIO cooling and much more, all in celebration of the fact that MSI as a company is 30 years old in 2016.

To celebrate 30 years in the tech industry MSI have put together a pretty nice package for one who a) enjoys having an All-in-One VGA card setup and b) has yet to invest in an GTX 1080 card. It looks like no expense has been spared, with the 30th Anniversary card featuring a custom water block from celebrated water cooling accessories company EKW. As well being designed to be compatible with full custom water cooled systems the card is bundled with a closed loop All-in-One liquid cooling pump and radiator.

Other special features include what MSI call a premium backplate, premium packaging (a specially designed wooden carry case) and a SteelSeries Status XL Gamepad. A nice touch for gamers. Finally, did I mention that both the waterblock and the backplate feature RBG LEDs?

You can learn more about the GTX 1080 30th Anniversary Edition card here from MSI.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Discuss here...

United Kingdom Jumper118 says:

but when do we get a lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Christmas maybe?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

1080 Ti lightning hopefully... sweet looking card, well done MSI

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