The Lab #3: DrWeez the Memory Doctor Repairs Damaged DDR4 Modules

The Lab series from South African No.1 overclocker DrWeez continues today with a great guide about how to repair heavily damaged DDR4 DIMMs. A company sent Andrew a couple of modules that actually got held in customs for a quite a bit and ended up arriving at the Lab damaged. Not to fear the ‘memory doctor’ is here. Andrew shows how to repair the damaged components using a kind of 'Frankenstein' approach to repair the damaged modules.

Here’s a synopsis of the video from DrWeez himself:

“Today, something quite special in the lab ... something that doesn't happen every day. I've been sent some ddr4 memory modules from Zadak (Z511) and sadly, after being help for weeks in customs I've realized that some of these got damaged in the process with some components being pretty much ripped away from the modules themselves.”

“No choice here to use them - I must repair the modules my self - by hand! So here is a little video on how I've repaired my modules. Admittedly a macro camera would be more adapted to document the job, but I hope this might help people with similar issues.”

Check out the full video on the DrWeez YouTube channel here.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Nice work Andrew...

Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

Great work... Talking about Zadak511, anyone knows what happened to the brand? Their Facebook disappeared and never launched any product officially.

Romania Alex@ro says:

Not sure if this is serious or April 1-st came earlier but pumping this as "memory doctor" is little bit too much. I've seen no value of that component replaced, not sure if it's a resistor or capacitor,the removing is sloppy and forgot to clean the contact dots properly . Better way would had been to get the component off and measure it,order new replacement and try . The moment you plug a damaged stick to check if it works or not you are left clueless after, missing resistors can cause unwanted damage to the IC's or other components so at the end of the day you are left like in this video , 1/4 sticks works but you had no idea what you were doing .

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

In that terms I have to agree with Alex. On the other hand I understand Andrew and good enough that he managed to fix 1 module, good that he tried.

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