GPU-Z v1.11.0 Released by TechPowerUp – UI Now Shows Full Device IDs

A new and updated version of the essential and beloved GPU-Z app is was just launched a matter of hours ago. One of the main changes with the v1.11.0 release is that the user interface of the app now shows the full Device IDs of your graphics card. There’s also support for BIOS extraction, plus improvements to the system tray notification feature.

Here’s what lead developer btarunr had to say about version 1.11.0:

“Version 1.11.0 introduces a user-interface change. The app now displays the full set of Device IDs of your graphics card. This should prove particularly useful if you're claiming the $30 settlement by NVIDIA for the GTX 970 class-action lawsuit, letting you note down your GTX 970's entire set of device IDs. TechPowerUp GPU-Z 1.11.0 also adds support for BIOS extraction from GeForce GTX 1060 graphics cards. Improvements were made to the system-tray notification icon creation code.”

Full changelog includes the following:

  • - Full set of Device IDs is now displayed in the main window. This can be used to file a compensation claim in the GTX 970 lawsuit.
  • - Added support for BIOS saving on GTX 1060
  • - Tray notification icon creation code improved
  • You can find the new GPU-Z version 1.11.0 here on TechPowerUp.

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