Xtreme Addict’s Ultimate Tweaking Guide for B-Die Memory on ASUS Maximus VIII Boards

The HWBOT World No.2 Xtreme Addict has posted a very in depth and insightful guide centered on tweaking B-Die memory, specifically on ASUS ROG Maximus VII series motherboards. XA deals with all the issues involved with implementing the tightest timings possible, a massive edge in competitive benchmarking. Here’s a sample of what he has to say relating to the issue of motherboard binning, something that he regards as part of the ‘Ground Rules’:

“BIN MOTHERBOARD! I binned overall 10x M8E and with Uncle Mad around 15x M8I. Board matters, believe me even though IMC is inside CPU. IT WAS SAME WITH MANY VENDORS AND MANY GENERATIONS. JUST ESPECIALLY NOW IT'S MORE VISIBLE AND CLEAR THAT WE HAVE TO BIN BOARDS. It's not possible to get exactly same motherboard PCB, each PCB differs inside, copper layers which produce signals and so on. Those are very small and subtle differences, but influence OC potential a lot.”

“Note that mostly after LN2 benching, many motherboards degrade. Sadly but small sockets (BGA balls and traces under the socket) are very sensitive for full pot, especially fast temperature changes. That's why in Asus Shamino's/Elmor's Z170 guide we can find tips to slowly cool down CPU in order to preserve socket. Some motherboards are "RAMBO" edition, some sadly will degrade. For degraded boards you can try to clean socket + DIMMs with aceton and dry motherboard for a very long time.”

You can find the full guide from Xtreme Addict here on the HWBOT forum.


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