Overclocking.Guide – Optimizing RAM Performance for 3DMark Time Spy

A really good guide for optimizing memory for the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark has recently been posted on Overclocking.Guide. The article was written by Pro OC overclocker Alva “Lucky_n00b” Jonathan, one of the key members of the JagatReview overclocking team and Indonesia’s No.1 overclocker. Here’s a sample of what he has to say:

“Normally, 3DMark are 3D-heavy, meaning that the performance effect of the GPU is much, much more apparent compared to the other system components, like CPU and RAM. This means an Core i7 6950X paired with GeForce GTX 950 will definitely give a much lower overall score compared a PC with Core i7-6700K with GeForce GTX 980 Ti. It doesn’t matter how much you push your CPU Scores by overclocking your CPU and RAM, it won’t give good scores if you have a weak GPU.”

“But there’s some scenarios where some components other than the GPU can give a small yet nice ‘boost’ to the overall scores. As a competitive overclocker who really cares about squeezing every bit of performance out of my system, I will explain how a simply optimizing RAM performance can give a little extra overall scores in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark.”

Check out the full and detailed article here on Overclocking.Guide


Taiwan sdougal says:

Nice work Alva...

Germany QAI says:

Thanks Alva :)

Something technical, I've been having issues with the QUOTEs in many HWbot news articles. For example, seeing lots of question marks.
Is this on my end or yours?

Belgium Massman says:

It's an engine issue displaying the content from Wordpress in a forum blip

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Thx for sharing. Looks like impact is more similar to CPU tests from 3D11 than FSE.

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Xtreme Addict said: Thx for sharing. Looks like impact is more similar to CPU tests from 3D11 than FSE.

Yes, for some reason FS/FSE CPU tests doesn't get much scaling from RAM performance compared to 3D11 Physics and Time Spy CPU Test.

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