Splave (US) Wins Pro OC 2016 Round 3, Stage 3

The weekend is over and with it another stage of Round 3 of the Pro OC 2016 Championship on OC-ESPORTS. Stage 3 of Round 3 is all about benching Wprime 32M using the latest Broadwell E processors. Splave won the stage with a run of just 1 sec 703ms, pushing his ten-core Core i7 6950X to 5,200MHz, a massive +73.33% beyond stock settings. Other rig details include HyperX DDR4 memory and an ASRock X99M Killer motherboard. Splave’s run is the 4th fastest ever for a ten core CPU and the 8th fastest Wprime 32M run ever.

Current Round leader Dancop from Germany was not far behind, completing a run in 1sec 734ms despite pushing his i7 6950X to 5,316MHz (+77.20%). In third place we find Sweden’s Rauf who collects eight points with a run of 1sec 742ms, while Xtreme Addict arrives in fourth place with a run of 1sec 749ms.

After three stages, the overall Round 3 table is starting to offer a more complete picture with Dancop still at its head with 28 points after a solid win in Stage 1 followed up with two solid runner up spots. Close behind on 25 points we have Dancops main rival in the world rankings, Poland’s Xtreme Addict who has a win plus a third and fourth place finish to his name so far. Behind XA inthird place sits raccoon from Switzerland on twenty points followed by this stage winner Splave in fourth place with nineteen points.

You can find all the scores and submissions here on the Pro OC Championship 2016 contest on OC-ESPORTS.

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