Overclocking-TV Talk to Dedy Irvan from Jagat Review

Trouffman and the gang from OverClocking-TV were in Indonesia for the last week, working with the HWBOT team to organize the video stream of the contests that were happening as part of the Asia Pacific leg of the HWBOT World Tour. As well as streaming hours of amateur and extreme overclocking contests, Trouff also found time to sit down and have a chat with Dedy Irvan, one of the key movers and shakers at Jagat Review, Indonesia’s No.1 technology, PC enthusiast and overclocking website.

Dedy explains that he has been involved with Overclocking in Indonesia since the first AOCT (Amateur Overclocking Tournament) was organize by the jagat review team back in 2012. The original motivation was to encourage people who knew the basics about computers to become enthusiasts, and that the most hardcore enthusiasts are of course overclockers.

Dedy also explained the motivation around the famous Jagat Review ‘Banlist’. The idea is that the AOCT contest is open only to genuine amateurs. If you have won a contest anywhere in the world, you are of course no longer considered an amateur and therefore your name goes on the ‘banlist’ and you are prohibited from competing in the AOCT. Dedy explains that the motivation for the ‘banlist’ was because some vendors started complaining when they realized they were sending prizes to the same overclockers every time. He also mentions that the ‘banlist’ was Alva ‘Lucky_n00b Jonathan’s idea, and that by banning the pro guys, more amateurs feel encouraged to compete.

Trouff and Dedy go on to discuss all matters related to Overclocking in Indonesia, a country of 250 million people and one of the most dynamic and exciting Overclocking scenes in the world.

Check out the video from OverClocking-TV here on their YouTube channel.

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