TechpowerUp! - My production Fermi arrived!

Looks like the GTX480's are now really starting to make their way to the retail shelves. Already saw Newegg having a couple for sale as well ... let's hope it's the start of a flood of GTX4x0 results at the bot.

This morning the first of the long awaited retail GeForce GTX 480 cards arrived. The card came from Zotac and photos are below. It is from the same shipment that will be sold on store shelves in the next days. At first glance the card looks completely identical to the NVIDIA press sample, with the exception of some black foam on the back of the card. Another diffence is the BIOS which I put up for download. I am told that the reason for the black foam is to ensure some spacing between the cards when running in SLI mode, so that they can breathe. It also acts as safeguard against short circuits which could happen when the metal cooler surface of one card touches the back of the other card.

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