Throwback Thursday: HWBOT Tales of Taipei #1 – First Blog at GIGABYTE

As is our custom on a Thursday, we take a look at a moment in recent history that resonates, or at least one that we remember fondly. Let me take you back to 2012 when a young Belgian lad starting hanging around in a place he refers to as the City of Hardware – Taipei, Taiwan. Pieter had recently moved to Taipei as part of his work with HWBOT and actually managed to talk the GIGABYTE hierarchy into giving him a desk not too far from the company’s in house OC guru HiCookie. Back in 2012, here’s a sample of his musings.

“As some of you might know, I’m currently hanging out at the City of Hardware – Taipei, Taiwan. Given I am literally just an hour away from most the headquarters of most hardware vendors, I will pass by the office regularly to test some of the new and upcoming (read: NDA) products as well as say hi to their resident overclockers. Of course, I don’t want you guys to miss out on all the action, so I will try to keep you updated on the overclocking-related stuff that goes on behind doors and try to feed as much information as possible from the secret world of in-house overclocking.”

“Of course I also said Hi to in-house overclocker Hicookie or Kimchi22 as he is apparently known by nowadays. He’s recently been working on getting 4-Way SLI to run on the Z77X-UP7 with his (golden) Core i7 3770K. Looking forward to see what he can come up with!”

This is a somewhat poignant memory for me personally, as my desk at GIGABYTE was but four or five meters away from where they placed Pieter. I distinctly remember being distracted by an odd Belgian chap that used to walk around talking like he was obsessed with everything OC. I guess he still is.

Check out the original article from Pieter on September 6th 2012 here.

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