HWBOT World Tour Asia Pacific: Qualification Round Concludes

The Asia Pacific leg of the HWBOT World Tour turned to extreme competitive overclocking yesterday evening with the Qualification Round of the World Series contest in Yogyokarta, Indonesia. After a three hour session involving lots of LN2 and tense OC action the leaderboard showed our four qualifiers that will now compete in today’s Final where a ticket to the World Championship Final is at stake.

The Qualification Round involved three stages, each focused on a different benchmark, these include; 3DMark03 in Stage 1, 3DMark11 Performance in Stage 2 and a Reference Clock battle in Stage 3. Nine overclockers competed in the round, all of whom were benching on an Intel Core i5 6600K processor. Z170 motherboards were made available from four vendors including ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and BIOSTAR. Any Corsair memory was allowed and also made available. PSUs were provided by World Tour sponsor Seasonic, with benchtables available from the Open Benchtable Project. No discrete GPUs allowed. 3D stages limited to Intel HD 530 IGP only.

In Stage 1 we found an Extreme overclocker beating the Elite players in attendance benching on 3DMark03, a benchmark that requires solid CPU and IGP tweaking. Speed.fastest won the stage with a score of 39,636 marks with his 6600K pushed to 5,700MHz (+62.86%) and IGP pushed to 1,700MHz (+47.83%). Relative newcomer RevOC came second with a score of 39,385 marks, while OC veteran bboyjez arrived in third place with 38,584 marks.

In Stage 2 we see the awakening of Indonesia’s current No1 overclocker Hazzan. Having very narrowly missed out on winning the World Tour Asia at Computex a few months ago, this guy was as determined as ever to win here in his own back yard. Having been unable to post a score in Stage 1, he made his mark in both Stages 2 and 3 with a pair outright wins. In Stage 2 he submitted a score of 3,393 marks in 3DMark11 Performance with his 6600K pushed way beyond stock to hit 5,547MHz (+58.49%), plus the HD Graphics 530 clocked at 1,800MHz (+56.52%). Second place in Stage 2 again went to RevOC who managed a score of 3,325 marks while third place went to speed.fastest on 3,230 marks.

The final stage involved achieving the highest Reference clock or BCLK, an area where Hazzan clearly excels, winning the stage with a clock of 459.86 MHz. This was ahead of bboyjezz in second place on 455.15MHz and RevOC on 447.17 MHz.

So in the final later today we will have Round winner speed.fastest plus runner up RevOC, Hazzan and bboyjez. Congrats and good luck to all four of you.

Make sure you check out and relive all the action by watching this video from OverClocking-TV which covered the three hour contest in full. Trouffman and Buildzoid give you a fantastic blow by blow account of all the action. You can also find the full scores and submissions here on the Qualification Round contest page on OC-ESPORTS.

Don't forget you can also watch the live stream of the finals on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel where again you'll find full commentary of all the action.

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