Dancop Blows the Doors Off Unigine Heaven Xtreme World Record with Single Titan X Pascal

As soon as the Titan X Pascal card from Nvidia arrived, I think it’s safe to say that most of us expected quite a shake up in the 3D benchmark rankings, and so it has proved to be. In recent week since launch we’ve seen lots of Global 1st Places and a few World Records tumble. As we mentioned yesterday, great work from k|ngp|n, raccoon and Slinky PC as well joe90br and others means that there is almost an elite group of 3D benchers out there pushing to new performance extremes thanks to the raw power of the GP102 chip from Nvidia.

Today we saw one of that group solidify his place at the pinnacle of world overclocking with a new World record submission for the classic Unigene Heaven Xtreme benchmark. The new World Record score of 10,682.86 DX11 Marks is remarkable, not just because it beats the previous best score of 10,669.65, but the fact that the previous best was made by Xtreme Addict using a pair of GTX 1080 cards. It's not the first time we've such a thing, but it is nevertheless, remarkable.

The score was made using a Titan X Pascal card tuned to an insane 2,414MHz which is +70.36% beyond stock settings. The card was accompanied by a Core i7 6700K pushed to 6,735.98MHz (+68.40%), Galax DDR4 and an ASUS Maximus VIII Impact motherboard. Nice work Daniel.

You can check out the World Record breaking submission from Dancop here, as well as the full rankings for all Heaven Xtreme submissions here on HWBOT.

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