Der8auer Meets Elmor: An Interview with an ASUS R&D Engineer

A few months ago Der8auer managed to get some quality time with Jon from ASUS. Jon, who is probably more familiar to most of us on HWBOT by his handle Elmor, is a key member of the ROG R&D team at ASUS. Der8auer dropped by the ASUS offices to have a chat with Elmor about his role at the company and how the team works. It’s a very interesting video for anyone who is interested in how ASUS develops their high-end, high performance motherboards.

The first thing that Elmor mentions how the ROG team and the regular ASUS motherboard development teams are in fact quite separate things. The ROG team first develops a reference board to test a new platform early on. Once the reference board is up to speed it then becomes the base or template from which the signature product line, ROG boards and OEM boards are based.

Elmor also outlines how the team operates and talks about how in fact the R&D team that is responsible for overclocking-related and specifically performance related issues is actually just a few people. There are several other team members with specific tasks outside of performance, such as engineers that deal specifically with USB or audio circuits. When it comes to issues such VRM design and layout, it’s all about smaller teams of engineers making design requests within the larger development team.

This is a really interesting video that offers a great behind the curtain look at how a company like ASUS develops their motherboards. Check it out here on the Der8auer YouTube channel.

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