Strong Island Wins Cheapaz Chips Season 1

The first ever Cheapaz Chips contest on OC-ESPORTS came to close a few days ago, enjoying a climactic finale as Strong Island from the US came from out of nowhere and sealed the contest with a resounding win where he actually claimed all three stages. Strong Island finished with a maximum 150 points. Second place goes Greek overclocker $@39@ on 144 points while in third place we have GtiJason with 138 points, also of the US. Let’s take a look at the submissions and scoring for each of the stages, as well as news of the contest’s lucky draw winner.

The central idea of the Cheapaz Chips contest is to get overclockers to put as much ingenuity and passion as possible into overclocking affordable, entry-level hardware. The inaugural season centered on three stages each involving the Nvidia GT 710 graphics card, a card that can be purchased for around $30 - $40 USD. The only rules or restrictions were that a) the card must use a GK208 GPU, and that b) the card must be modded with pictures to prove it.

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