Overclocking: Taking Intel Down the Rabbit Hole

The great thing about working for HWBOT is that once in a while you find yourself taking to major technology companies on behalf of the overclocking community. One such occasion happened just a week or two ago as Massman (or Pieter as he is also known) was invited to attend IDF (Intel Developer Forum) in San Francisco. As well as taking the opportunity to bask in the warm glow of Intel’s latest technologies and take in the company’s vision for the near future (which also included a presentation from Overclocking czar Dan Ragland), Pieter also had the chance to connect with Intel’s leading thinkers at their conference center in Hillsbro, Oregon - a rare chance to interface with the company’s decision makers and influencers.

Armed with a Power Point presentation Pieter talked at length about Overclocking, the community, the HWBOT leagues and contests and essentially everything that Intel probably (or perhaps almost certainly) does not know about Overclocking. The presentation has since been uploaded to SlideShare and can be viewed within this page (on the left).

Entitled ‘Overclocking - Going Down the Rabbit Hole’, the presentation contains a pretty thorough walkthrough of the history of overclocking, the motivations of the people who participate, the many levels and types of overclocking that exist, the contests, the star players and more. What wasn’t covered was how to make money from having ‘K’ SKU CPU models, Z chipsets and other strictly business orientated topics.

By all accounts the audience of several dozen Intel employees not only enjoyed what they saw, they also engaged with the topic and had plenty of questions along the way. Check out the presentation slide included here and get a glimpse of what HWBOT is doing behind the scenes to influence one of the biggest and most important companies in the industry.

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