ASUS ROG RealBench Challenge I: Begins September 2nd

We are just a day or two away from the kick off of the RealBench challenge on OC-ESPORTS. The contest is broken up into four parts or challenges, each lasting 11 days. The first Challenge runs from September 2nd to September 12th and basically involves benching on any quad-core CPU. Here’s a basic break down of the rules:

The contest is open to HWBOT members from all leagues, however in terms of hardware cooling you are restricted to non-extreme methods i.e. CPUs must be shown to be over 30 degrees Celsius. In terms of hardware platforms only socket LGA 2011 platforms are forbidden - both AMD and Intel platforms can be used. CPUs in Challenge 1 are limited to a maximum of 4 cores. Combatants must use the custom HWBOT version of the RealBench app. A more complete listing of all the rules, limitations and scoring can be found here.

The RealBench application is developed by the ROG team at ASUS. It includes four subs tests, each involving an Open Source software component; image editing, H.264 video encoding, OpenCL plus a heavy multi-tasking test which engages all three tests simultaneously. In terms of prizes, the first stage winner will receive an ASUS Gladius gaming mouse, plus a Whetstone mouse pad. The real draw however arrive at the end of the contest when the top three receive a ‘Next-Gen’ motherboard. Note: specific rules and limitations for each Challenge will be announced just prior to the start of each challenge(just to ramp up the tension to the max).

Check out the first round of theASUS ROG RealBench Challenge here on OC-ESPORTS.