Geekbench 4 Launched and Available Now

Today we got news that Primate Labs has updated their Geekbench benchmark application to version 4. Geekbench 3 has in fact been around for quite a while, and was launched back in 2013 with an emphasis on being cross-platform and offering two scores with each run, single-core and multi-core. The new and updated version 4 is designed take advantage of 64-bit processors with larger memory subsystems. There are also new CPU workloads that are larger and more demanding, putting stress on the CPU, its cache and memory as well as new workloads that specifically stress the GPU.

In the words of Geekbench founder John Poole:

“Geekbench 4 introduces several new and updated CPU workloads. These workloads are larger and more ambitious than the workloads in Geekbench 3, and are designed to put more stress on the CPU, its cache, and its memory subsystem. These updated workloads include several well-known codebases that are used every day on mobile devices, such as LLVM, SQLite, and PDFium. These updated workloads model real-world tasks and applications, and provide an objective measure of the performance of the CPU in your phone or laptop.”

“Geekbench 4 also introduces new GPU Compute workloads. These workloads measure the computational performance of GPUs. More and more applications use the GPU instead of the CPU for better performance or lower power usage. Geekbench 4 includes 8 GPU Compute workloads and include tasks such as image processing, computational photography, and computer vision, all of which are a natural fit for highly-parallel GPU architectures.”

You can learn more about the new Geekbench 4 benchmark and also download it for yourself here at the


Taiwan sdougal says:

Discuss here...

France orion24 says:

So Now we need to use a high end graphic card to do this bench ? ....

United States Strong Island says:

orion24 said: So Now we need to use a high end graphic card to do this bench ? ....

I just installed it to check it out and there are 2 separate benchmarks. One is "CPU Benchmark" and 1 is "Compute Benchmark".

So this actually sounds really cool, maybe we will get another 2d gpu bench out of it. Seems a lot like gpupi

France orion24 says:

ouuuffff thanks Strong Island ^^

France vanden says:

Here is the comparison of rankings Geekbench 3 vs Geekbench 4, the classification remains the same for new architectures but older architectures strongly regressed !

Geekbench 3 Processor Benchmarks (04/21/2016) :

Geekbench 4 Processor Benchmarks (09/23/2016) :

websmile says:

Thanks for the interesting links, but no need to post it several times :)

France vanden says:

websmile said: Thanks for the interesting links, but no need to post it several times :)

Ok, but my post was no longer visible !?
So I reposted after disappearance, sorry.

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