Buildzoid Livestreams Final Cheapaz Chips Benching Session with Nvidia GT 710

The Cheapaz Chips contest on OC-ESPORTS is just hours away from its conclusion and as predicted we find several overclockers submitting their scores to the contest at the last minute. While some could well be accused of sandbagging, there are some overclockers who simply didn’t get around to running all the benchmarks yet. One such overclocker is Buildzoid who actually made his first submission in Stage 1 several weeks ago. Having made a Catzilla 576p score of 3,801 marks, a score ranked in seventh place in Stage 1, last weekend he finally found time to return to his work with the GT 710 and start posting scores in the other two stages.

The cool thing, however, is that in true Buildzoid fashion, he decided to record the entire benching session, for no more reason than the entertainment and possible education of us all. The outcome of the session turned out to be reasonably fruitful, scoring in the top ten of each stage to arrive at the overall position of 7th in the contest so far.

Just a few days ago we took a look at the Cheapaz Chips leaderboard where Frenchman orion24 was in the ascendancy with Aussie macsbeach close behind. Today however we see a different picture emerging with Greek overclocker $@39@ coming from out of nowhere to claim straight wins across all stages. That’s right, $@39@ now sits at the top of the table with a points total of a maximum 150 points. He is now followed by Coolfx from Germany on 142 points.

With just over 24 hours to go, it will be interesting to see if $@39@ can be challenged. Until then, feel free to get into the spirit of the contest and check out the live stream from Buidzoid, an excellent synopsis of what the contest is all about.

Check out all the scores and standings from the Cheapaz Chips Season 1 contest here on OC-EPSORTS.

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