The Open Benchtable Project: Interview with Streacom’s Head of Design

The Open Benchtable officially became a reality last week with the official launch of the Community Edition. Today we are treated to an in-depth video interview with Xyala from OverClocking-TV and Shimon, Streacom’s head of design and manufacturing. The resulting conversation goes a long to revealing how the worlds, most portable and versatile benchtable came actually came into being.

The interview actually covers a great deal of ground; discussing the overall design approach that led to the final design that we have today, plus the specific materials used and the manufacturing processes involved in producing the product. Here’s a small excerpt from the full interview transcript:

Tim: “So when you start working on a project, so first you mentioned you research the market to see what is out there. What was the next step basically, following that?”

Shimon: “Ok, so I think at that point our initial thought was ok, I think you need to define what it needs to do in terms of spec, you know what type of motherboards it needs to support, what PSU size it needs to support. And then beyond that I think it was really just down to, ok here here’s a blank piece of paper, this is what it needs to do. Anything can be put down.”

“Of course the initial idea was a flat table, it was obvious that it was going to be something like that. But with the design process, what we normally need to have is the brief, and I think it’s a moment where you kind of have the inspiration. So it’s not really sure when that happens but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. I think at that point you have an idea which makes that product, differentiate it, gives it its character.

“So for me that was the point where with the feet and the handle and I think that has always been the defining characteristic of the Open Benchtable. Even if you compare the final product to the early prototype, that element hasn’t really changed and I think that was the defining moment of the product. The feet layout, the shape of the feet, the way they fit into the table and the carry handle. “

Catch the full interview here on the Open

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