The Lab #2: Sub-Zero Insulation Guide with MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC

There are several important skills you need to acquire before attempting sub-zero or extreme overclocking. One of the most crucial skills is that of motherboard preparation, a task that for many overclockers involves the dark art of Vaseline application. DrWeez has produced a video that covers the topic in some detail, basically offering a step by step guide that stands as a great reference for anyone who is interested in benching with LBN2 for the first time.

The great enemy is of course moisture. Anyone who has dealt with LN2 will tell you just how wet things can get once you plunge below zero degrees Celcius. How much moisture is created by condensation will depend largely on the amount of moisture in the air – the humidity of Taiwan is probably as bad as anywhere, but in truth moisture will occur wherever you are overclocking. The trick, if you want to enjoy a prolonged benchmarking session, is to make sure your components are sufficiently protected from the inevitable moisture that will appear.

DrWeez, like all Overclockers, has his own preparation procedure. One that involves lots of Vaseline. After first he removes the heatsinks from the motherboard’s chipset and VRM areas, then he applies the Vaseliine liberally using a brush which has been trimmed a little, just to add a better degree of control. Once the Vaseline has been applied, being careful not to get any in the memory or PCIe slots, he then uses a hairdryer to warm up the Vaseline and make sure it gets into every nook and cranny of the board.

If you fancy trying some sub-zero overclocking and need to brush up your motherboard preparation skills, this is the video for you.

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