The OC Show – S03E11: Open Benchtable Launch, Intel IDF 2016 & CS:GO Drama

The latest episode of the out OC Show from OverClocking-TV is now available. The latest edition covers a great deal of ground with Xyala and Trouffman discussing a range of topics that center on the word of overclocking.

The show kicks off with a look at the news that has come to light regarding the forthcoming Zen architecture from AMD. AMD held a press event for media ostensibly in San Francisco for IDF 2016, where it revealed technical details about Zen as well as a benchmark run that appears to show the new AMD chips being marginally faster than Broadwell-E. Quite a claim and one that has us scratching our heads somewhat. The guys then go on to discuss other technical news including the newly finalized PCIe 4.0 which should arrive in 2017 with 16GT/s data rates and a new connector.

Regarding the HWBOT World Tour, Xyala outlines the recently confirmed Asia Pacific leg of the tour which will take place at the Yogyakomtek show in Indonesia on September 6th. The event will include both Amateur and Extreme overclocking including the World Series contest where a seat in the World Championship finals is at stake.

Other important news includes the Open Benchtable which got launched earlier this week. It’s a thin and lightweight Benchtable designed specifically for overclockers who travel. It features full integrated tools and components and supports all form factor motherboards and up to 4 VGA cards. The Community Edition of the Open Benchtable is now on sale for only $149.

Trouffman also introduces some of the issues that the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene is facing, including the controversial change in scoring that the community is facing. And of course we also get an update from Xyala regarding all the contests currently running on OC-EPSORTS.

Check out the full video from OverClocking-TV here on their YouTube channel.

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