Xyala Talks to French eSports Gamers eXception About Overclocking, HWBOT World Tour and More…

While the worlds of PC gaming, eSports and Overclocking often touch, at times there can be disconnect where gamers don’t really understand how Overclocking actually works. With that in mind it’s great to see Xyla, known to many of us simply as Timothee, have a chat with the French gamers of eXception. Here’s a excerpt from an interview they conducted recently (apologies for the Google Translation):

“eXeption: HWBOT now has a strong reputation among PC gamers. Is this only in France or also in other countries?”

“Xyla: Everything depends on the year; last year we had only three events, this year we have made seven including six local events and a final. In recent years, HWBOT has continued to increase its recognition. Our organization brings together many enthusiasts as overclocking enthusiasts worldwide. We are not based in France as we try to organize meetings everywhere.”

“The Gamers Assembly was a major European event. We will probably organize events in Europe next year to share our passion with everyone. The gaming world is exploding almost everywhere so there's more and more demand for gamers to gain maximum performance. People just want to learn the operation of overclocking; this is why we need to travel everywhere.”

Read the full interview on the eXception website here (French).

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