Three US Overclockers in Top Ten of HWBOT League

I think it’s fair to say that right now US overclocking is enjoying a good moment. In fact as of today we now have three US overclockers in the top ten of the HWBOT league; they are Strong Island, Splave and Slinky PC. What makes the story more fascinating is that all three actually belong to different sub-league categories on HWBOT.

Splave of course is an Elite overclocker of high renowned so it’s no surprise to see him sit in 5th place in the overall global rankings with 2,274 points. Slinky PC, he of the many Titan X Pascal cards, belongs to the Apprentice class of overclockers and currently sits in 9th place with 1,902.9 points. Perhaps the most remarkable is the position that Strong Island who currently occupies a third place standing in the league with a total 2,308.1 points – a fact that remains all the more impressive when we consider his position as an Extreme overclocker. It’s not often that we see non-Elite players rise to such lofty positions.

In terms of overall standings these three overclockers by far the best representatives of the United States. Steponz sits way back in 31st place while the next US overclocker on the leaderboard is coolhandluke41, who ironically sits in 41st place in the world rankings. However, if we consider the top ten places of the league, the US are the dominant force. Only Germany has more than one place in the top ten, thanks to No1. Dancop and 8th placed der8auer.

While it’s not quite Olympic level domination, the US is certainly doing well at the summit of global overclocking. Kudos to Strong Island, Slinky PC and Splave.

Check out the full HWBOT league standings here.

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