Slinky PC Takes Down 4 World Records and 8 Global 1st Places with 4x Titan X Pascals

SlinkyPC is certainly enjoying his new Titan X Pascal cards, all four of them. While we might feel a touch envious at the sheer 3D processing power that amounts to, let’s give credit where credit is due and stand agape at the scores and records that Slnky has amassed in this week alone. The guy has taken down four World Records, plus eight global first placed ranking scores – pretty much a VGA benching massacre.

The World records scores included a Catzilla 1440p score of 62,095 marks using a 3-way SLI Titan X cards. Using 4-way SLI Slinky PC broke World Records in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme (36,653 marks), 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra (24,656 marks) and in 3DMark Time Spy (24,138 marks. Links to all the submission below.

The rig that Slinky is using to break these recoards is based around a custom water cooled Intel Core i7 6950X, in most cases pushed to a tasty 4,700MHz (+56.67%). The Titan X Pascal cards are also overclocked, in some instances as far as 2,139MHz (+50.95%) on the GPU and 2,750MHz (+10.00%) on the graphics memory.

Here’s the full list of all the World Records and Global 1st Places that have fallen on this week’s Titan X Pascal spree.

World Records

Global 1st Places

Congrats to Slinky PC. Good work sir.

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