Strong Island (Extreme) Breaks in to Top 5 in HWBOT Overclocking League

US Overclocker Strong Island has recently managed to break into the top five in the overclockers rankings on HWBOT. A feat worthy of a massive round of applause as this really good going for a non-Elite overclocker. It’s not so often that we find an Extreme overclocker showing so highly in the rankings. On climbing the rankings he has certainly bypassed some really class acts. Strong Island has now overtaken fellow countryman Splave, Greece’s Sofos and Filipino master dhenzjhen to become the third best overclocker in the world right now.

Strong Island has also bypassed fellow Extreme overclocker Rauf from Sweden, the last Extreme overclocker to rise this high in the world rankings. Strong Island has been in ruthless form in recent weeks amassing a current points haul of 2,309.2 points. Just yesterday he managed to grab 104 points from his work with a GTX 980 Ti and 3DMark05 – this kind of thing has been happening daily throughout the summer weeks. On OC-ESPORTS he has apparently found his niche with wins in both Rounds 1 and 2 of Challenger Division III. So far he has yet to submit in round 3, but with 40 days left, there’s no way you would bet against this guy with a Core i3 in his hands.

Congrats and kudos to Strong Island a rising star in OC folklore. .


Taiwan sdougal says:

Congrats mate...

Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

Congrats! Well deserved, lot of good job lately :D

United States MetalRacer says:

Congrats SI!

K404 says:

Don't see that often!

Massive gap to 2 & 1 :( Got any tricks up your sleeve?

Indonesia speed.fastest says:


Serbia d0minat0r says:


Poland Xtreme Addict says:


Sweden Rauf says:


Canada Hilderman says:

Class act, humble guy. Great addition to the already amazing bunch at the top.

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Congrats! Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

Bulgaria I.nfraR.ed says:

Good job!

lilchronic says:

congrats strong island. OCN!

United Kingdom nickolp1974 says:

Congratulations SI, you certainly have been a busy boy of late, must be having fun! Good for you and keep pushing it mate ;)

Belgium Massman says:

Fantastic benching and a great addition to the circle of top overclockers!

United States Strong Island says:

Thank you so much guys for all the comments. I'm just really happy to be part of this community. You guys are all really amazing benchers and I look up to you guys. And I appreciate all the help and tips everyone has given me. I would be nowhere on the rankings without that.

Brazil joe90br says:


United States GtiJason says:

Good job bro !

United States Splave says:

Good job! I hope you can get some support now to keep pushing!

Brazil Rbuass says:

Good job...
More to go 😎

Poland phobosq says:

Good job, keep pushing even harder!

Belgium Massman says:

With Slinky in the top-10 now as well, there are 3 flags up on top now. Can't remember the last time 3 US overclockers were in the top-10 of the league. Nice!

Canada marc0053 says:

Great job SI!!

Belgium Massman says:

Just had a look at your point overview: no HEDT chips and mostly 2D for globals, then rounding it off with only 3D in hardware categories. Very impressive man!

United States Strong Island says:

Thanks so much. Ya it really changed in just the past month or 2. I had a bunch of different subs, especially 980 ti/5960x. Then I got my case king chip and found the 6100 at microcenter at the exact same time, and started benching them, and all there scores over took my entire profile. Hopefully I get a chance to bench something different soon.

Congrats to slinky, this is great for USA Overclocking.

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