Intel Makes OC Presentation at IDF 2016, Elmor Sets New Best for Core i7 6950X Frequency

Yesterday Intel kicked off their Developer Forum in San Francisco. One of the highlights of the event from an OC perspective was a presentation focused entirely on Intel’s role in Overclocking. We got hold of the presentation which you can find here. It was conducted by Intel’s OC czar Dan Ragland and G.SKILLs Mark Yu. Jon Sandstrom, an R&D Engineer at ASUS known to most of us on HWBOT as elmor, was also on hand to add a bit of flair. Elmor conducted a live OC demo where he managed to hit a new record frequency for a Broadwell-E Core i7 6950X.

The presentation itself was centered on Intel’s role within Overclocking. It kicked off with an in depth look at the look at the new Broadwell-E platform, including a technical and architectural outline of the platform. There was also a look at the performance tweaking features that the company has implemented in the new platform, including Per Core OC, AVX ratio offset and VccU voltage control. This was followed by the demo from elmor in which he pushed a Core i7 6950X to 5731.78MHz (+91.06%) using an ASUS ROG rampage V Edition 10 motherboard. Check out the news from ASUS here.

The presentation continued with a closer look at HEDT overclocking from the perspective of motherboard OC technologies. The presentation focused specifically on the ROG Rampage V Edition 10, its ROG Zone features and its unique ROG microcontrollers which offer overclockers additional control of voltages, fan controls and more.

This was followed by an overview of the Intel’s mainstream Skylake Core processor platforms and the specific technologies and enhancements the company made that improve performance and potential overclocking headroom. The presentation was concluded by Mark Yu who gave an overview of today’s memory overclocking, highlighting the work that G.SKILL has made in the last few years to establish themselves as a leading brand for extreme memory overclocking.

The full presentation from IDF 2016 can be found here on You can also check out the new Core i7 6950X highest frequency submission from elmor here, and here.

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