GIGABYTE Intel P55 OC Challenge

The qualifiers in Europe and Japan are already over, so this is only for North America. For those who fancy a competition this may be interesting ...

In the minds of top ranked overclockers, GIGABYTE is widely known for its record-breaking Intel X58 platform, specially designed and engineered to push Intel Extreme processors beyond their limits. However, with years of experience and dedication as an engineering powerhouse, GIGABYTE has been able to take those "Extreme" overclocking features usually reserved for only the highest end platforms and has brought them to the mainstream, benefitting those who want to ride the edge of performance and get the most value out of their Intel mainstream platform.


Belgium Massman says:

A lot of prizes, but no way to get to the 'rules' or 'benchmark' tab ...

United States steponz says:

Massman said: A lot of prizes, but no way to get to the 'rules' or 'benchmark' tab ...

So what are the rules??? Wanted to get ready for this...

Belgium Massman says:

No idea. Hasn't the website been updated?

Belgium Massman says:

It seems to be Intel Burn Test and SuperPI 1M - similar to the other events, in other words.

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