Czech Overclockers Call Fellow Countrymen to Arms!

The Czech Republic is not exactly known as a hot bed of overclocking, but a recent article from PCTuning. gives all Czech enthusiasts a great break down of what is going in the world of overclocking as well as some enticement for local Czechs to get involved themselves.

The article (which is of course in Czech) covers a great deal of the background information and even history of overclocking. There’s information about the HWBOT World Tour and the history of HWBOT. More importantly however, there’s also some great advice about to get started in overclocking, what benchmarks to start with, the differences between ambient and sub-zero, 3D and 2D benchmarking etc. There’s also a good overview of the OC community, which despite the thoughts of some seasoned pros, has a spirit that is in evidence at any event or contest you attend.

The overriding message however is to motivate Czech enthusiasts to get involved. Overclockers like Czech No.1 Elkim, Aerou and FlanK3r are fine examples of what the country can be capable of, plus there’s Buildzoid over in the UK too, flying the flag for his country. If you are Czech and you’re not as active as you could be, read the article here from PCTuning. Get inspired. Get involved. Start pushing.

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