HWBOT Poll: What to Do with PCMark05?

PCMark05 is one of the most tweakable benchmarks around. In fact, a case could be argued that it’s been tweaked and hacked so many ways it almost ceases to be a relevant performance benchmark. It is an issue which tends divide opinion, which is why HWBOT Community Leader Christian Ney has setup a poll which allows HWBOT members to vote and decide what happens to it. Here’s an excerpt from a related forum post from Christian:

Okay, lets finally address this tweakfest benchmark once and for all. I see two possibilities:

Update rules: (and apply them retroactively)

Remove the 220 MB/s limit and disallow any "tweak" that boosts a subtest by more than xx%. A clear list of allowed tweaks an disallowed tweaks will be made.

Pro: - It will still get hardware points. - It will be moderated/moderatable.

Con: - Unfair for old results, those with 220 MB/s limit will most likely be beaten and those with previously allowed "tweaks" will be blocked.

Downgrade it to beta benchmark:

- No hardware points.

- Not really moderated.

If you have an opinion about the future of PCMark05, head over to the forum and make your vote count.


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