Hardware Asylum Podcast #67: Hardline Watercooling Loop Install & GIGABYTE Mod2Win Contest

The latest edition of the Hardware Asylum Podcast is now available and is very much focused on Water Cooling. Check it out:

“Both Dennis and Darren are no strangers to casemodding and between the two of them have done a wide variety of mods from simple fan and lighting installs to complete custom paintjobs with elaborate watercooling loops. Despite the long list of modding accomplishments there are still things to tackle and new tekniqs to uncover. One such “mod”, if you can call it that, is the installation of a hardline watercooling kit. Much like softline tubing the process is rather straight forward but requires a bit more work and is much more aesthetically pleasing.”

“In this segment Dennis and Darren talk about installing a TT Premium watercooling kit into a custom painted Thermaltake Core V51 chassis. The discussions start with making the first bend and extend well into day to day benefits and the challenges associated with doing a hardware upgrade. As you can imagine it is a rather involved process.”

Listen to the full podcast here on Hardware Asylum.

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