Cheapaz Chips Update: Orion24 (France) Leads with Three Weeks to Go

The Cheapaz Chips Season 1 contest on OC-EPSORTS urges us to get down to some pure overclocking. It’s not about breaking word records or pushing the frontiers of performance, it’s about squeezing the utmost out of cheaper hardware using every possible tactic at our disposal with a special emphasis on old fashioned hardware modding.

The contest involves three stages, each centered on a GPU benchmark. The hardware restriction however limits combatants to using an Nvidia GT 710 graphics card, one of the cheapest entry-level graphics cards available today. The contest kicked off in mid-July and runs until the end of August – let’s have at a look at the standings.

At the top of the leaderboard we currently have France’s orion24 sitting on a points haul of 146 points, just 4 points off the maximum. The closest competitor is Aussie newlife on 140 points, followed by Digg_de from Germany on 126.

If we take a look at Stage 1 scoring on Catzilla 576p, orion24 leads the way, hitting a score of 3,979 marks. The card itself was pushed to by a remarkable 141% to hit a clock speed of 1,868MHz with memory tuned to 1,868MHz / 1,140MHz (+26.67%). In terms of CPU orion24 opted for a Core i7 6700K clocked at 4,804MHz (+20.10%).

Stage 2 is all about the classic 3DMark01 benchmark. Here we find newlife hitting at a score of 62,339 marks thanks to a GT 710 with its GPU pushed to 1,647MHz (+70.32%) and the memory tuned to 1,260MHz (+40.00%). Newlife opted for a Core i7 4770K which he overclocked to 4,800MHz (+37.14%). Interestingly, the rig was in fact ice water cooled. Not far behind we also have contest leader orion24 on 62,213 marks, quite away ahead of Digg_de on 58,498 marks in third place.

Finally, looking at the GPUPI 1B fight in Stage 3, we find American SDhydro in the driving seat with a run of 5mins 53sec 155ms. This was achieved with a GT 710 with the GPU cranked up to 1,907MHz (+146.06%), and memory at 1,100MHz (+22.22%). The GPU was indeed LN2 cooled. SDhydro’s choice of CPU here was an i7 5960X pushed to 4,707MHz (+56.90%).

The contest has just under three weeks to go and I get the feeling that especially in Stages 2 and 3, there’s plenty of time to see some action at the top of the leaderboard. YouTube’s OC modding master Buildzoid for example has claimed a third place spot in Stage1, but has yet to submit a score in either of Stages 2 or 3.

Check out the Cheapaz Chips contest here on OC-EPSPORTS.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Discuss / argue / brag here folks....

Belgium Massman says:

I think of Buildzoid as the favorite to win. Potential outsider? NoMS ;)

France orion24 says:

I think it is possible, I have monsters backups but if they fall, I will not rebench this card ^^

Australia newlife says:

I'm yet to try cold so don't rule me out

Finland kezu says:

Haven't modded the card yet, but 1390 /1190 catzilla stable. Planning to dice it. Unfortunately, i have to go with air cooling on cpu :P

Germany Digg_de says:

I've still only a Vgpu mod on my GT 710, need to solder the Trimmer for Vmem. I hope my Samsung Memory scales a bit with voltage. ;) Doing ~1100MHz stock.
And i'll try to mount the SS on the Card to bench it cold.

United States SDhydro says:

Thnk my card is pretty much maxed for GPUPI 1B. I was surprised my zip ties worked so well mounting the gpu pot to the card. I suck at tweaking so my catzilla and 3dmark01 scores are pretty lame for the clocks ran at so I didn't even submit them. I figured Orion24 had backups anyways haha. If anyone wants to point me in the right direction send me a pm

Australia newlife says:

orion24 said: I think it is possible, I have monsters backups but if they fall, I will not rebench this card ^^

Lets see those backups
newlife`s Catzilla - 576p score: 3991 marks with a GeForce GT 710 (GK208)

France orion24 says:

Nice ^^ Your memory is so high ! you are gonna rape my backups, I'll post it later I must go to work ^^

Czech Republic buildzoid says:

Massman said: I think of Buildzoid as the favorite to win. Potential outsider? NoMS ;)

I don't have any LN2 left but I might be able to DICE it again some time soon.

United States Strong Island says:

Man I had so much fun benching my card last night. My mods look ugly but they work. I'm a little scared to try higher than 1.6v on stock vrm, has anyone gone higher, will definitely try higher but want to get scores in first. But the vrm and coil on my evga card look so weak.

So tempted to put power board on but probably wont. it would be a fun card though to blow the vrm and try and get working again with epower and push again.

It's so much fun, I'm so glad we have comps like this. it was so nice to just push gpu as much as possible and not even worry about cpu. I use ln2 to simulate water cooling on the cpu and just try to keep it around 10-15c. It's a lot easier then setting up a loop just for cpu.

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