Dhenzjhen uses 15 Tesla GPUs to Push the GPUPI 1B World Record to 2sec 228ms

It’s exactly two weeks ago that we brought you an update on a GPUPI 1B World record dog fight between the Philippine’s Dhenzjhen and Bulgaria’s OLDcomer. Today we bring you news that dhenzjhen has made his World Record even stronger thanks to an incredible 15 GPU rig. First a little back-story.

OLDcomer had the World Record in his possession for most of this year thanks to a score of 2sec 502ms made using a pretty insane rig that featured 8 x AMD Radeon R9 290X cards. Then in mid-July dhenzjhen stepped in and stole his thunder with a rig that featured no less than 11 Nvidia Tesla workstation cards and a score of 2sec 485. OLDcomer wasn’t going to lose his Gold Cup without a fight and quickly updated his rig with a marginally higher overclock to take back the crown with a run of just 2sec 401ms.

Just two weeks ago, dhenzjhen made a pretty emphatic retort, upgrading his server rig with an additional Tesla card to score a run of 2sec 398ms. Today he gone one step further, adding four more cards to his server rig to make a score GPUPI 1B of just 2sec 228ms.

Just to recap the details about this monster server rig. Watch out. It might bring on a severe case of rig envy. It features a pair Intel Xeon E5 2689 v4 'Broadwell-EP' processors, each sporting ten cores and twenty threads. So yeah, a forty thread CPU array. Did I mention that each core was overclocked to tasty 3,700MHz (+32.14%)? Nice. Add to this a total of seven Nvidia Tesla M40 cards, plus eight Nvidia Tesla K80 cards and a 384GB of DDR4.

Check out the new World Record submission from dhenzjhen here, as well as the GPUPI 1B Hall of Fame here.

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