[Video] Nvidia GTX 1060 Overclocking and Modding Guide from Der8auer

Here’s a video that der8auer recently posted on his YouTube channel that deals specifically with the Nvidia 1060 graphics card. The GTX 1060 is just arriving on store shelves and should a popular choice right now, competing head to head with the Radeon RX 480 in the mid-range GPU department. Der8auer gives a close inspection of his custom GTX 1060 from Gainward, looking at the PCB and its components as well as details about how it can be modded and improved from a overclocking perspective.

Removing the cooler reveals the naked PCB of the GTX 1060 were you can see not only the Pascal based GP106 GPU, but also the memory chips, memory controller and several other components that make up the VRM. In terms of power delivery the card uses 3 phases for the GPU plus one phase each for the memory and PLL. Der8auer highlights the power inductor and three small resistors which are used to measure current between the six pin power connector and the rest of the card. He also shows you how to use liquid metal to carry a temporary mod that will allow you to bypass the power limitations of the card.

The video is a thorough debriefing of pretty much everything you would want to consider when overclocking a GTX 1060 card. The example used in the video is a Gainward card that actually integrates one or two features specifically for overclocking. Some of the features don’t quite work however, as der8auer explains. Finally we have some performance comparisons with and without increased voltages plus general advice and expectations regarding air cooled overclocking. Turns out a clock of 2,200MHz on air is entirely possible.

Check out the video on the der8auer YouTube channel here.

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