[HWBOT X] Bilbao - OC School at Euskal Encounter

Just a few weeks ago we saw the first ever HWBOT X event organized in Spain at a major LAN party with the OC School at Dreamhack Valencia. Today we look at a similar OC event that was held in Bilbao, Spain. This time the event took place during the Euskal Encounter, a computer party for tech amateurs and professionals that takes place at various places around Europe – the perfect place to promote the sport of Overclocking you might say.

The event was organized once again by Spain’s most pro-active overclocker, ChentinoX. Also known as Vicente, he put together a full day of overclocking activities including an OC School where he gave a comprehensive presentation on overclocking; starting from a basic introduction to modern PC hardware, the key concepts of benchmarking, the various cooling methods that can be used, plus an introduction to all the technical aspects of the overclocking.

In the afternoon attendees were invited to take part in a contest hosted on OC-EPSORTS. Systems for attendees to use were provided thanks to the help and support of sponsors GIGABYTE and Antec. This gave would be amateur overclockers the chance to compete on simple All-in-One cooled rigs using the Intel XTU tuning utility and benchmark. Scores were posted on a contest page on OC-ESPORTS.

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