The OC Show – S03E10: Nvidia Titan X / Titan XP, 10 Years of Conroe and Cheapaz Chips

A fresh edition of the OC Show from OverClocking-TV is now available. This time hosts Xyala and Trouffman are joined by Buildzoid (him with the mad scientist hair) and marc0053 (N. America World Series 2016 winner) to give us a detailed and in depth look at some of the stuff that has been going on in the world of Overclocking.

The show kicks off with Buildzoid introducing news about a brand new material that has been developed that could mean a total revolution in the way we currently power our devices. Marc0053 explains how he has been trying his hardest to get hold of an Nvidia Titan X, Pascal video card. Judging by the scores he’s been posting on HWBOT in the last 24 hours, I’d say he finally got one, although as a Canadian he did end up spending a cool $1,800 CAD. Ouch.

The guys also take a good look at the competitions that have been rolling along on OC-ESPORTS. This includes the start of the MSI Godlike OC Season 2 which runs from now until the end of August, plus an update on the HWBOT Team Cup, Rookie Rumble #34 and the Novice Nimble #10. There’s also a more in depth look at the action happening on the Road to Pro series and the Cheapaz Chips series, an Nvidia 710 based contest in which Buildzoid is competing.

There’s also a discussion about the fact that Intel’s Conroe processors are ten years old this week, plus a chat about what effect the new Pascal Nvidia Titan X cards will have on overclocking.

Catch the full show here on by the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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