Throwback Thursday: 3oh6 Interviewed at GOOC 2010 N. America Final

Once again it’s the time of the week when take a nostalgic look at a point in history which resonates with the OC community at HWBOT. This week we take you back to August 2010 when the guys from OverClocking-TV caught up one of the scene’s most respected Canadian overclockers, 3oh6. The original post centers on a video where you can see Trouffman (back when had far more hair) sit down to have a chat with 3oh6, also known as Jody Bailey, who certainly has quite a bit to share regarding a quickly growing Overclocking scene, its role with the technology industry and that of GIGABYTE in particular.

In the original article posted on August 8th 2010, Massman had this to say:

“Nice interview. Intelligent overclocker giving solid answers to the questions posed. Definitely someone to sit down with in the future and talk about overclocking, the community, the manufacturers and how all that needs to fit in a single picture.”

One interesting part of the interview was when Trouff asks Jody about GIGABYTE’s role in the industry. Jody talks about how GIGABYTE have been the most pro-active of all the motherboard vendors, sponsoring overclocking, recognizing that as a hobby and a sport, increased professionalism and credibility are of paramount importance. It’s clear how GIGABYTE at this time were actually pioneers of more professionally organized OC contests. There is certainly a touch of tainted irony in the fact that this interview took place at probably the last GOOC tournament the company ever did.

Find the original article from August 2016 here, or alternatively just watch the interview in full on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel.

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