Titan X Pascal Makes an Entrance, Three Global 1st Places Fall

The latest iteration of Nvidia’s Pascal GPU line up arrived just 24 hours ago and already its beastly performance is making its presence felt on HWBOT. Slinky PC and marc0053 are among the first overclockers to get their hands on the new Titan X card, taking the opportunity to push the new GP102 chip to very nice frequencies and make some impressive submissions along the way. The result is that today we see new Global 1st place ranked scores in GPUPI 1B, Catzilla 1440p and 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme.

Slinky PC from the US is fact in possession of two Titan X cards, submitting a score of 47,155 marks in Catzilla 1440p. Let’s just to concept check that for a moment. We are talking 10,692 marks faster than its nearest rival score, which was submitted by der8auer using a pair of GTX 980 Ti cards. The two Titan cards were pushed to 2,113MHz, a 49.12% increase from their 1,417MHz base clock.

In GPUPI 1B, Slink PC also takes the Global 1st Place from Xtreme Addict (who might not be too happy about losing a few points in his defense of the HWBOT crown). Slinky takes the 1x GPU 1st place ranking with a run in just 10sec 572ms, just ahead of fellow Titan X pioneer marc0053 on 10sec 967ms, but way ahead of XA’s score of 11sec 734ms made using a plain old GTX 1080 just two days ago.

In Fire Strike Extreme marc0053 is enjoying a 1x GPU Global 1st Place using a single Titan X pushed to 2,075MHz (+46.44%) plus a Core i7 6950X cranked by 50% to reach 4.5GHz. The score of 15,252 marks beats the previous GTX 980 Ti score made by k|ngp|n by 820 marks. We can only imagine the fun that Vince will have with a GP102 Pascal chip. Or even four of them.

I think we can safely say that the Titan X Pascal card is going to have a significant effect on pretty much all 3D benchmarks in the next few days and weeks. For now you can keep up with these new scores here on the Titan X hardware page.

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