[Video] L&L Cooling Demo OCC-X Dual, an Fully Automated Extreme Cooling Solution

Brian from L&L Cooling was in attendance at the Summer OC Party that was held a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania, US a few weekends ago. The event attracted a dozen or so overclockers looking to enjoy a relaxed gathering with plenty of LN2 on hand for some serious extreme overclocking. However Brian's attendance at the event had a somewhat ulterior motive as it gave him the opportunity to show off his latest creation, a fully modular and automated CPU and GPU cooling system.

The system uses fully modular heads which can be employed to cool CPUs and GPUs. The new slogan of the company (used tongue in cheek) is ‘Set It and Forget IT’ according to Brian. This is because the system is entirely process controlled which means you simply set the desired temperature and then literally forget about it.

The system is attached to a 22psi LN2 tank which provides to insulated pipes of LN2 to GPUs and the CPU. The pipes connect to CPU and GPU pots, basically injecting LN2 in to the pot as needed using a cryogenic valve. Temperature sensors within the pot help the logic system to maintain a pretty constant temperature of the chip. Pressure will buld up over time which is why the system also includes vents. Sounds a whole lot more accurate, but perhaps not quite as fun as pouring LN2 by hand.

The demo from Brian also included a customized or modded PC chassis which he has insulated to make as air-tight as possible. The system vents exhaust vapor from the pots and actually recycles it back through the case to help purge the system of air which contains water. This means that board insulation become a pretty mute point also.

Catch the full video from OverClocking-TV and our buddy Xyala who was on hand to interview Brian.

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