Xtreme Addict Pushes Ahead as World No.1 with GPUPI 1B Global 1st Place

Xtreme Addict got back on his OC horse yesterday to further enhance his position as the current World No.1 on HWBOT. A Global 1st Place ranked score in GPUPI 1B earned the Polish masterclass some additional global points that new means he is 27.8 points ahead of Dancop in the World Rankings.

Let’s take a quick look at yesterday’s GPUPI 1B submission. XA’s run of 11 sec 734ms is the fastest ever run in GPUPI 1B ever made by a system armed with a single GPU. The GPU of choice at the moment is the Nvidia GTX 1080 card which currently dominates the top four 1x GPU rankings for this particular benchmark.

Xtreme Addict configured his Pascal chip at 2,700MHz which is a massive +68.01% beyond the card’s stock settings. The card’s GDDR5X memory was also pushed to 1,350MHz , around +8% beyond stock. The GTX 1080 was joined by a deca-core Core i7 6950X processor which was also pushed to 4.5GHz.

The new 1x GPU Global 1st Place for GPUPI beats the previous best held initially by Dancop early last week, and also the score from Italy’s rsannino who made a run of 11sec 868ms just days ago. The submission earned Xtreme Addict as few extra points to further keep Dancop at bay, but in terms of GPUPI 1B we may well see it change hands again soon. Sofos1990 is knocking on the door, making a third place ranked score submission earlier today, and Dancop of course may well find time to revisit it in the days ahead.

Check out the submission from Xtreme Addict here, as well as the 1x GPU GPUPI 1B rankings here.

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