Xtreme Addict Re-Takes World No.1 Spot with Unigine Heaven Xtreme World Record

The fight at the top of the HWBOT World rankings continues this week with Dancop first regaining his position as number one thanks to a pair of Global 1st Place rankings, followed by a very strong return to action from Xtreme Addict who retook 1st place with a World Record submission worth 171 points. As of this moment in time XA is world No.1 by a margin of 121 points.

The new World Record Unigine Heaven (Xtreme) score of 10,669.65 was made with a pair of Galax GTX 1080 Hall of Fame cards with the Pascal GPUs tuned to 2,300MHz (+43.12%) and GDDR5 memory boosted to 1,350MHz. In terms of CPU XA used a Core i7 6700K running at 6.6HGz (+65%) – also not too shabby. Other hardware included 2x 8GB Galaxy B Die (4000C19), an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard and CoolerMaster 1,500 watt Silent Pro PSU M2 and a whole load of Thermal Grizzly.

In terms of hardware points Xtreme Addict currently has 996.5 out a possible 1,000 which means that World Records (and to a lesser extent Global 1st Places) are the only way to push the boat out further. From Dancop’s point of view, a few World Records would also put him back at the top. Looks like we have a rare battle going on at the top of the league, not something that happens very often. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Check out the new World Record Unigine Heaven Xtreme submission from Xtreme Addict here. Plus all the HWBOT World Rankings here.

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