RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b: An Easy Software Tool from tiborrr & tomi.e

The AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card is proving to be a popular card right now – in terms of performance per dollar, it’s not a bad deal for anyone putting together a mid-range gaming PC. From a strictly overclocking perspective however, one major drawback is its limitations regarding voltage. Thankfully there are ways around these limitations, the easiest of which has just caught our attention today.

The aptly named RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b app is in fact a simple add-on for the MSI Afterburner. Developed by tiborrr (from EKWB) and tomi.e nce, it’s very easy to use and once installed, you’ll have the chance to up the voltage of your RX 480 +500mv.

“It is an add-on execute for MSI Afterburner. Save it in the root folder of your MSI Afterburner installation, place the shorcut to your desktop and run it as administrator. Works with any GPU that utilizes IR3567B voltage controller. Up to +150mV in 'normal' operation. Tick the checkbox to unlock up to +500mV."

The RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b app is currently one of three ways you can gain access to extra volts. Don’t forget there is the EVC (Elmor Voltage Controller) developed by Elmor and Der8auer, plus the VRMtool 0.04 from deeper-blue, both of which give you access to the IR3567B VRM controller.

You can download the RX480 Voltage Control 0.1b app here on the HWBOT forum.


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