[HWBOT X] Summer OC Party Pennsylvania, U.S.

Sometimes it seems that like-minded people are simply drawn together to unite in a single purpose or calling. That’s the impression that springs to mind when you consider the Summer OC Party that took place over the weekend of July 23rd and 24th of this year. The event was organized in a way that produced very relaxed, social environment were overclockers spent the weekend benching with LN2, trading experiences and stories and generally having a good time collectively enjoying their hobby.

First a little backstory as to how the event came about. Remarkably it was put together by just two HWBOT members who simply rallied the troops, found a sponsor and went ahead and organised the whole thing from scratch. Stefan (Funsoul) and Joe (Steponz) managed to get Corsair involved, booked the hotel suite, organized copious amounts of LN2 and invited HWBOT members to join in the fun.

Held at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Harrisburg P.A., interestingly one of the major challenges was the humidity of the location, something which was not helped by the fact that there was a nearby swimming pool which also seemed to contribute to the challenging, humid conditions. But hey, overclockers love a challenge. As well as organisers Stephonz and Funsoul, several other well known faces were in attendance including World Series winner marc0053, the guys from OverClock-TV – Trouffman and Xyala. Plus there were a few upcoming Rookies including Lochekey who was actually benching on LN2 for the first time.

Read the full blog post here on HWBOT X.

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