The OC Show – S03E09: Road to Pro S02R3, US OC Summer Party plus HWBOT X Hits Spain

The latest edition of the OC Show from OverClocking-TV has just landed and as always, hosts Xyala and Massman give us a vivid and detailed overview of pretty much everything that has happened in the world of Overclocking in the last few weeks.

The show kicks off with a look at contests hosted on OC-ESPORTS such as the Rookie Rookie (a contest that is proving to be very popular with Indonesian and Indian rookies) and the Novice Nimble (where for once the OCN are not at the top of the table). The guys also introduce the Cheapaz Chips contest, a new contest organized by the Community Competition Task Force (CCTF), which is all about pushing voltmodded GT710 cards. Massman also brings us an overview of the HWBOT Team Cup 2016, a massive team contest that covers Current, Modern, Legacy and Vintage sub categories, plus a Dogpile category (I’ll let them explain that one).

Other major topics include the forthcoming Road to Pro series which enters the third and final round in just a few days time and includes all seven Challenger Divisions, plus the Pro OC Championship. The show gives us an overview of the standings in each of the Divisions as we approach Round 3, plus a look at a few things that combatants can expect in the final round.

The HWBOT World Tour again becomes a topic of conversation as the second Asian leg of the tour draws closer. The next stop of the tour will in fact take place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The event is organized in partnership with Jagat Review and Jagat OC and should be one of the highlights of the OC calendar. As well as the World Tour, Xyala also provides a breakdown of what he encountered at the OC Summer Party in the US where several Overclockers enjoyed a relaxed get together where, among other things, some interesting contest formats got tested and tweaked.

Finally, there is also a look at what has been happening recently in Spain where local overclocker ChentinoX has been very busy organizing overclocking events. Events in Valencia and Bibao have been organized in conjunction with HWBOT X, offering OC presentations and workshops plus competitive OC contests that are hosted on OC-ESPORTS.

Catch the full OC Show from OverClocking-TV here on their YouTube Channel.

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